Young drivers targeted with new ‘fuss-free’ monthly car insurance

Flow is a new car insurance product that claims to be easier and more flexible than traditional insurance cover, while promising to always give the best possible price.

Young drivers can now benefit from flexible car insurance

A flexible new car insurance product promises to give young drivers the best prices and flexible cover without asking endless questions.

Dubbed a ‘fuss-free’ type of car insurance, LV’s Flow is targeting younger drivers who may find traditional products too complicated and expensive.

The online-only cover works by offering a fixed price for the first month, and then a guaranteed maximum price for the following three months.

There is no long-term commitment and motorists can change or even cancel their policy whenever they want – without incurring extra costs.

Flow is described by LV MD Heather Smith as car insurance that reflects the changes in how people buy products and services online.

“Flow gives drivers a simplified insurance experience, with a quick journey, competitive pricing and the flexibility to change their policy as and when they want to.

“Whatever drivers want to do – change the mileage, change the driver or even change the car – Flow means it can be done quickly and easily.”

Significantly, Flow customers are not penalised for not having a no-claims bonus – indeed, it is not even factored into the quote itself.

Premiums are instead based exclusively on their claims history and their specific circumstances.

Motorists are not asked never-ending questions either. Instead, they upload a picture of their driving licence and then answer 14 straightforward questions.

The company promises to then calculate “the best possible price”.

LV says the monthly car insurance product is the first in a number of services that will be offered as part of the Flow brand.


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