U.S. auto museums offering virtual tours for those staying at home

Virtual Auto Museum Tours

Whilst many institutions may be closed to physical visitors, two California auto museums are offering ways to allow guests to see inside virtually. 

Both the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, and Oxnard’s Mullin Automotive Museum have adopted the new approach. 

It aims to give virtual visitors a chance to see some of the coolest cars each museum has, and gain insights from those who look after them.

Mullin Automotive Museum 

Virtual Auto Museum Tours

Founded in 2010 by car enthusiast and philanthropist Peter W. Mullin, the Mullin Automotive Museum hosts his extensive personal vehicle collection. 

Key highlights include a wealth of Bugattis, with a particular focus on classic French cars. Many of the vehicles on display have collected awards at prestigious shows, with Grand Prix and Le Mans winners also included. 

The Mullin will be offering free virtual guided tours via Instagram Live, with the next scheduled event to take place on Friday, March 20th at 10am PST. 

Petersen Automotive Museum 

Virtual Auto Museum Tours

As one of the largest automotive museums in the world, the Petersen hosts a staggering array of vehicles in its various exhibitions.

However, beneath the museum in the 60,000 sq ft ‘Vault’ are 250 other rare and iconic cars from around the world. 

With the museum closed to physical visitors, the Petersen will be offering virtual guided tours of the Vault for just $3. This is an 86 percent discount on normal Vault tours, but allows the museum to cover the costs of continuing to operate. 

Various time slots can be booked via the Petersen’s website for the coming few days, and will continue until March 31st. 

The museum has also unveiled a range of online educational activities, designed to keep children engaged across the next few weeks.

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