Triumph Trekker GT e-bike

Triumph Motorcycles launches its first e-bike

Triumph Trekker GT e-bike

Triumph, the world-famous British motorcycle manufacturer, has launched its first electric bicycle, or e-bike.

The Triumph Trekker GT is now on sale for £2,950.

Already available to order in the UK, U.S. and Europe, the new Trekker GT e-bike design is described as minimalist, with all the electric components fully concealed within the frame.

Triumph Trekker GT e-bike

It uses Shimano’s latest torquey e-bike powertrain, including a 250W motor that puts out 44lb ft of pulling power.

The Shimano E8035 504Wh battery gives it a riding range of 93 miles between charging.

The total electric drivetrain weighs less than 3kg (and the integrated battery is lockable).  

Triumph Trekker GT e-bike

Triumph has built the main frame from aluminium, fitted RockShox Paragon front forks, and a 10-speed Shimano Deore Shadow silent-running rear mechanism.

Triumph Trekker GT e-bike

There’s also a posh Selle Royal Vivo saddle which, when combined with the narrow-width handlebar, gives “all-day” riding comfort.

Triumph Trekker GT e-bike

Other standout features include fully-integrated LED lighting, matt black mudguards and pannier rack, a super-strong 270mm U-lock and cast aluminium triumph badging.

The new Triumph Trekker GT e-bike joins a growing line-up of electric bicycles from established brands.

Even Ducati last year launched its first ever e-bike.

Triumph actually started out in 1884 as a bicycle company, based in Coventry. It wasn’t until 1902 that the firm made its first motorcycle. 


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  1. robert stevens
    robert stevens says:

    what a boring looking bike the crossbar bars a lot of people from using it and the cost is over priced


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