Triumph adds What3Words to connectivity system

Triumph pairs up with location app What3Words

Triumph adds What3Words to connectivity system

Triumph Motorcycles is the latest company to team up with the geolocation and navigation tech firm What3Words. It follows the news that the AA is using the location tool to find stricken motorists.

The technology divides the world into a grid of 3m x 3m squares – each one given a unique What3Words address. Triumph is adding the tech to its motorcycle connectivity system.

If you’re after Triumph’s HQ in Leicestershire, you’ll require ‘Needed.Exist.Brands’. Meanwhile, ‘Gentle.Coins.Sadly’ will take you to Peel Road in Douglas, Isle of Man.

Triumph Motorcycles and What3Words

Triumph says riders can use the What3Words function of the app to navigate the world and to meet friends in places without addresses. Examples include that really neat corner on your favourite road, or the remote cafe that serves the best bacon sarnies on a Sunday morning.

Nick Bloor, CEO at Triumph Motorcycles said: “The Triumph brand and our riders seek adventure and this new collaboration with What3Words allows our riders to explore the world with ease. We’re excited to be the first motorcycle brand to feature What3Words, providing precise, easy to use navigation.” 

Chris Sheldrick, CEO and co-founder of What3Words, added: “The addition of What3Words navigation to the iconic British brand Triumph Motorcycles is an important first for us. What3Words addresses are easier to remember than a postal address and can be shared more accurately than any other location reference system, which makes it an ideal navigation solution for the adventurous motorcyclist.”

Triumph using What3Words

The What3Words app hit the headlines this week when it was used to rescue four people caught in blizzard conditions in Scotland. ‘Tortoises.Swarm.Announce’ was used to direct rescuers to within metres of their precise location. One of the rescuers said they were lucky to have been at a place on Ben Nevis where they could get mobile phone reception.

The What3Words feature will be available via an update to the My Triumph app in April 2020, and will allow three-word address input in 35 different languages.

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