The Car Years Vicki Butler-Henderson

The Car Years is Vicki Butler-Henderson’s new TV show

The Car Years Vicki Butler-Henderson

The Car Years is a new motoring TV show hosted by Vicki Butler-Henderson (of Fifth Gear and Top Gear fame) and Alex Riley (The One Show, The Classic Car Show). 

Each episode will focus on a specific year, with the presenters picking their favourite car from that year.

The first episode is based on 1964 – and the hosts have picked the Porsche 911 and the Ford Mustang respectively. A big year for cars, right?

Vicki and Alex make a case for their car to a panel of experts. These include Chris Rutledge, managing director of Coys, Quentin Wilson (of old Top Gear) and ex-Top Gear and current The Grand Tour script editor, Richard Porter. Whichever car wins gets crowned the car of its year.

The Car Years Vicki Butler-Henderson

“I’m thrilled to be part of this beautifully shot series that allows us to tell the stories behind some of the best known and interesting cars ever made” said VBH.

“This show is a rare thing – it’s all about the cars. We’re not telling people how to be a dealer or a restorer and we’re not just larking about, instead we’re championing great cars and telling the fascinating stories behind them,” explained Alex Riley.

The show will surely be as educational as it is entertaining. Maybe we will even learn a thing or two about some of our favourite retro rides?

The Car Years is due to hit our screens in 2019.

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