Brexit spells Brexit

‘STOP BREXIT’, says white van man on 19,000-mile mission

Brexit spells Brexit

Andy Pardy isn’t a man to sit back and do nothing. Which is why he quit his job, bought a van and set off on a European adventure to spell things out. Put simply, he wants to ‘STOP BREXIT’.

On a 30,000km (18,641-mile) trip he has dubbed ‘The Last European Tour’, Mr Pardy is creating the words using a GPS tracker by travelling across the continent over the coming months. His hope: to encourage politicians to stop Brexit.

As his Instagram account reveals, Mr Pardy – aka @therogueconsultant – set off from Loch Lomond on 10 July, before crossing the water to Northern Ireland, over the border into the Republic of Ireland and sailing to Wales, before making his way to Cornwall. 

Thirty hours and 1,522km after leaving Loch Lomond, he had ‘written’ the letter ‘S’, completing stage one of his mission. His last update, on 8 August, shows him crossing the border into Finland, commenting: “the P is progressing nicely.”

A farewell tour

His website outlines the reasons for his adventure, which will cover 32 countries over the course of 356 driving hours.

“As you’re probably aware, it’s our last summer inside the EU as we know it. To mark the occasion, I’ve decided to embrace the concept of free movement and embark on a farewell tour.

“My objective is to follow a carefully constructed route, visiting 32 of mainland Europe’s countries whilst sharing the best of what they have to offer along the way. My van and I will stick diligently to this route, ensuring we leave a clear message daubed over the continent: Stop Brexit.”

Mr Pardy told Sky News: “I believe the ability to explore as well as live and work abroad without tiresome red tape is an immense privilege and, although we don’t yet know to what extent this might be affected, I wanted to highlight some of the benefits as they stand.”

Not everyone is behind the mission, with people taking to Twitter to voice their opinions. Keith Adams had this to say:

Meanwhile, Stuart said he could have achieved the same result by staying at home and opening his laptop:

Mr Pardy will finish with the letter ‘T’ in Belarus and has promised to offset his carbon footprint when the mission is complete.

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