Senturion S177

The £16,000 bracelet that can unlock a supercar

Senturion S177

Is your Bugatti or McLaren key not showy enough? Need a super key to match your supercar? A company called Senturion has the answer, with what it calls the “world’s first ultra-luxury wristwear piece”.

The Senturion S177 is both car key and jewellery, with bronze-coloured accenting (brushed titanium, don’t you know?). It’s fully customisable to suit your car, and production is limited to 177 pieces. Prices start from £15,580.

How does it work as a key?

Senturion S177

Senturion integrates the car’s existing encrypted security system into the S177. This enables the bracelet to take the place of a conventional key, unlocking your car as you approach. You might want to carry the key with you for good measure, however, just in case the battery is dead and you need to unlock your car manually.

There are cogs hidden behind a sapphire window that you can watch turning as you unlock your Lamborghini from afar. How relevant they are to the act of actually unlocking the car remains to be seen.

Senturion is allegedly a world leader in compact micro-circuitry, claiming ‘several world records’ in the area. The S177 has more than 1,000 components, with circuit boards ‘completed to the precision standards of astronaut equipment’.

Clever tech or tasteless tat? We’re erring towards the latter…

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