Seat Arona 2019 model year

Seat cuts options from its UK new car range

Seat Arona 2019 model yearSeat is ditching the optional extra and offering its full 2019 model range to buy in a simple three-choice sales process, called Seat Easy Move.

Instead of choosing a car and then having to tediously run through numerous specification choices and optional extras, the new Seat model range asks buyers to make three simple choices: engine, trim level, colour… and that’s it.

Seat new car buyers now don’t even need to pay extra for metallic paint: it’s now included for free in the purchase price of the car (although solid colours are still available).

Seat Leon 2019 model year

The only options are now dealer-fit accessories such as parking sensors or alarms, or panoramic sunroofs on a few models. Everything else is built around the core Ibiza, Leon, Arona and Ateca range of SE, Xcellence and FR.

Those who want more extras can choose more feature-packed variants of each: SE Technology, FR Sport and Xcellence Lux.

For less popular models such as the Mii, Alhambra and Toledo, the line-up is even simpler.  

‘Time for a change’

Seat Toledo 2019 model year

Seat has rolled the initiative out across its entire model range after trialling it on the new Arona small SUV earlier this year.

The Spanish car firm’s UK director Richard Harrison said: “Everyone used to think that having loads of choice was a good thing, but in fact people find it really difficult to understand all the permutations and options when buying a new car. We realised it was time for a change.

“We have built Easy Move by looking at what options customers want and bundling them into neat packages that are really logical to understand.

“When you add on the industry complexity of WLTP (where individual factory options could change the CO2 output of the car) and you look at where consumer trends are going, it makes complete sense.

“I would be surprised if we didn’t see a number of competitors following Seat UK in this.”

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