Petersen Museum to host world’s first VIRTUAL cars and coffee meet

Petersen Museum Virtual Cars and Coffee

With the current coronavirus situation requiring people to stay home, numerous car shows and auto meets have been cancelled. 

However, that has not stopped the Petersen Automotive Museum from sticking with an eight-year tradition of a monthly meet. 

Instead of the regular once-a-month Breakfast Club Cruise-In at the Los Angeles museum, enthusiasts will instead be invited to a virtual online version later this month.

Keeping the car community virtually together

Petersen Museum Virtual Cars and Coffee

To make the digital Breakfast Club Cruise-in happen, video contributions from car fans across the world are being encouraged. These will then be combined to create a 90-minute YouTube video, set to premiere on the Petersen’s website.

Petersen Executive Director Terry L. Karges commented that: “We didn’t want to stop the tradition this month because of the pandemic, so we had to get creative to keep it going and also make it more inclusive than ever before.

“We look forward to seeing the stories from enthusiasts all over the globe and sharing their passion in a way that unites us all in spirit even while we are standing apart.”

During the video premiere, the museum will also host an accompanying live stream and a poll to vote for the People’s Choice Award. Winners of the Petersen Perfection award and Best in Show will also be chosen.

Time to start cleaning and polishing 

Petersen Museum Virtual Cars and Coffee

Taking part in the virtual cars and coffee meet is intended to be as simple as possible. Interested enthusiasts need to follow just three steps:

  1. Record a short 20- to 30-second video of their car using their phone (exterior, interior, engine and start-up). Videos must be shot in landscape format (held horizontally),
  2. Upload the video to one of the following services: Dropbox, Google Drive or YouTube,
  3. Fill out the special form with their details, car story and video link.

Once completely compiled, all those who made a submission will receive a YouTube link 24 hours before to the live stream on Sunday, April 26th. The winners of the various prizes will also have them shipped to them after the event. 

The Petersen has also seen huge interest in the virtual tours of The Vault at the museum, held during its coronavirus closure. The museum has also offered a range of free online educational programming for students.


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