Electric Tesla driver

More people intend to buy an electric car – but concerns remain

Electric Tesla driver

A growing number of people are warming to the idea of owning an electric car – but obstacles remain. That’s according to an international survey of more than 4,000 people.

Sixty percent of the respondents in 16 different countries said they view electric cars favourably, with around half saying they are more positive now than three years ago.

Among those planning to lease a car within the next five years, 40 percent said they intend to choose an electric car.

We looked into leasing deals in August. While electric cars are often more expensive than petrol and diesel cars, the running costs tend to be cheaper. 

Personal Contract Hire (PCH) deals start from around £200 a month for a Volkswagen e-Golf, with deals available on the Jaguar I-Pace. As the choice widens, the prices will become more competitive.

The infrastructure needs fixing

Electric vehicle recharging point warning sign

But while motorists are switching on to electric cars, concerns remain. Around a half of those surveyed in the Electric Vehicles and Sustainability section of the Mobility Monitor study said the current infrastructure is a barrier.

Meanwhile, 45 percent said a limited driving range was a reason to avoid electric cars.

In Italy, Spain and the UK, around 60 percent of respondents who plan to buy or lease a car in the next five years said a shortage of charging stations would stop them from making the switch.

Tex Gunning, CEO of LeasePlan, the company which worked with Ipsos on the research, said the infrastructure needs urgent attention.

“Our 2019 Mobility Monitor shows that public demand for zero-emission mobility far outpaces currently available EV infrastructure.

“We need to fix this now.

“The European Commission, together with national governments and local authorities, must step up and act on citizen demand for zero-emission mobility by investing in a comprehensive, pan-European charging infrastructure.

“Only through collective, decisive and timely action will we be able to win the fight against climate change, and improve air quality in our towns and cities.”