Learner driver

What do learner drivers really want to be tested on?

Learner driver

Learner drivers have revealed what they really want to be taught and tested on  and the most common desire is to experience everyday, real-life scenarios.

According to car insurer Marmalade, learner drivers aged between 17-24 indicated they want guidance and tuition on the following experiences:

  • Night driving: 58 percent
  • Rush-hour driving: 48 percent
  • Roadside wheel changes: 37 percent

What’s more, parents (for once) actually agree on what a learner needs to experience. Night driving (74 percent), rush-hour driving (66 percent) and roadside wheel changes (45 percent) also topped their list of important scenarios to be schooled in.

Learner driver

“We take it very seriously that new drivers are more likely to be involved in an accident,” said Crispin Moger, CEO at Marmalade.

“However, most bumps are not down to reckless behaviour, they’re caused by inexperience. Rather than apply restrictions, let’s encourage the Government to broaden their knowledge with skilled professionals, in a safe environment.”

It seems both learner drivers and their parents agree: don’t overcomplicate things, simply make sure new drivers are taught the basics, and overall driving standards may rise accordingly. 

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