Honda has built its 400 MILLIONTH motorcycle since 1949

Honda was founded in 1948 and produced its very first motorcycle in 1949. 70 years later, it has built its 400 millionth

Honda motorcycle logo

70 years after the first one rolled off the production line, Honda has built its 400 millionth motorcycle – just five years after its 300 millionth.

The global giant is currently building a staggering 21 million motorcycles a year, at 35 factories in 21 countries.

Honda sells 5.9 million motorcycles a year in India alone, and nearly 5.2 million in Indonesia.

Honda Monkey 1000R and Blue Monkey

Its products range from 50 cc scooters to 1,800 cc cruisers, along with a high-profile range of superbikes.

Prince William saddles up at Triumph Motorcycles

“For 70 years, Honda has provided to customers worldwide motorcycles that make life easier and enjoyable,” said Honda Motor Co CEO Takahiro Hachigo.

Honda Super Cub

Honda is far from resting on its laurels, though. It is pressing ahead developing a range of zero-emissions electric motorcycles, including the lightweight, simple and affordable Honda V-Go.

The ambition is to quickly start selling very high volumes of affordable electric bikes. It is also developing clever swappable battery technology. 

“We will continue to do our best to provide attractive products that meet the needs and dreams of our customers worldwide,” said Hachigo-san.

Honda Dream D-Type

Honda’s first motorcycle was the 1949 Dream D-Type (pictured above). The world-famous (and now trademark-protected) Super Cub was launched in 1958 and, a decade later, it had made 10 million motorcycles.

The 100 million mark was reached in 1997 and Honda hit the 200 million milestone in 2008.

Even today, demand is still rising and Honda continues to develop new machines and factories with its 2030 strategy of ‘expanding life’s potential’.

By which time, it is on course to have built over 600 million motorcycles…

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