Gordon Murray’s online museum is virtually brilliant

Gordon Murray McLaren F1 LM

Warning: if you intend to immerse yourself in the virtual world of Gordon Murray’s online exhibition, a lunch-hour won’t be enough. Tell your boss you need to spend the afternoon researching. Or something.

The One Formula exhibition is an internet-based museum, allowing visitors to ‘wander’ (and wonder) through 50 years of Gordon Murray’s work. It’s free to enter and there are no queues.

Forty different road and race cars are on show, ranging from the iconic McLaren F1 to Ayrton Senna’s MP4/4 Formula One car. Visitors can even ‘sit’ in the cockpits, which is something you’re unlikely to do at a real museum.

Well, not unless you fancy having your collar felt by a friendly security guard or being chased off the premises by a curator.

‘The next best thing’ to reality

Gordon Murray IGM MinBug

Professor Gordon Murray, CBE, said: “It is such thrill to share my passion for engineering purity, beautiful design, aerodynamic excellence, and technological innovation. Creating an exhibition in a free-to-view format, accessible to all, in stunning virtual reality is exciting and a source of great pride.

“For the One Formula exhibition, we gathered almost every race and road car from my 50-year career to date, and we were inundated with requests from fans across the world who wanted to visit. Being a short-term, private exhibition meant we couldn’t share our passion with these enthusiasts. So, doing so in virtual form is the next best thing!”

Other exhibits include the IGM MinBug designed and built by Murray in 1971, the IGM Midas-Alfa of 1981, the OX flat-pack truck, and the TVR Griffith.

The opening of the exhibition coincides with the launch of Murray’s One Formula book, a two-volume, 900-page epic charting 50 years of automotive design and engineering.

To lose an entire afternoon ‘walking’ through the online exhibition, visit oneformulagordonmurray.com.

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