Google Maps Updated EV Charge Search

Google Maps just made finding EV charging points much easier

Google Maps Updated EV Charge SearchLocating a charging point for your electric car should become less stressful, as Google launches updates to its Maps application.

Whilst Google Maps previously documented the location of EV charging points, the software can now offer live status updates of actual charger availability.

It should hopefully help reduce the risk of planning a journey based upon a specific charger, only to find that all ports are in use – or not working – on arrival.

Google Maps Updated EV Charge SearchLaunching the updates, Google said not being able to charge your EV at your desired spot could “really put a damper on your day when you have places to go and things to do.”

Covering the UK and United States at present, the updates to Google Maps will document real-time info on charging points from networks including Chargemaster, EVgo, and SemaConnect. The Chargepoint network will also be added to the list of those supported in the near future.

Included in the search function will be details on the type of charging ports, the charging speed, and information about the business it may be connected to.

Google Maps Updated EV Charge Search

The updates to Google Maps will be available from 23rd April, and include Android and Apple iOS applications, along with the traditional desktop website version.

Adding extra EV information is just the latest in a line of updates to the Google Maps software. Changes to the company’s Alexa-rivalling Google Assistant, launched earlier this year, allow drivers to reply and compose text messages, or plan route maps through voice commands.

Google is also working with aftermarket suppliers to make accessing the Google Assistant easier through a range of in-car accessories.

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