Ford Edge ST camera car

This Ford Edge ST is the latest Hollywood movie chase car

Ford Edge ST camera car

Ford has teamed up with camera car company Pursuit Systems to create a custom Edge ST crossover for filming Hollywood chase scenes.

The journey from Edge ST crossover to fully fledged camera car is a long modification-addled one. First and foremost on an extensive list of mods was a 1,000-pound (450kg) pursuit arm, from which cinema-quality cameras are mounted.

The 2.7-litre EcoBoost V6 engine has also been upgraded, to help keep the Edge ST brisk under the weight of camera operators, their gear and that massive rig. Four-corner air suspension has been added to manage the weight and keep the Edge ST level and even, too. We’re sure camera operators will also appreciate the smoother ride.

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Inside, the Edge has been completely stripped out and wired up for the addition of monitor equipment. There’s a nice big roll cage, too. On the outside, aside from the massive rig, the Edge has got that typical camera car black wrap, so it doesn’t create reflections for fans of Greatest Movie Mistakes to call out.

Camera car fleets are typically comprised of high-powered full-size SUVs such as X5 Ms and ML63 AMGs. The Edge will be joining such cars on the existing Pursuit Systems fleet. Perhaps the Edge represents a step change for camera car convention. Still spacious, still fast but more nimble and wieldy. It’s certainly a more compact camera car proposition than the two big Germans.

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“Speed, acceleration, braking, handling, even roominess – Edge ST has it all,” said Mike Johnson, racer, stunt driver and Pursuit Systems president and CEO.

“Our shoots often demand a lot of the equipment we use, and especially the vehicles. In every way, Edge ST measures up.”

We’ll be first to say Ford couldn’t have picked a cooler car to be the subject of the Edge ST’s camera testing, too…

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