Caffeine & Machine opening weekend

Caffeine & Machine is the buzzing new retreat for petrolheads

Caffeine & Machine opening weekendCaffeine and Machine is a new coffee house, bar, restaurant and B&B that celebrates cars and motorcycles in the most unashamedly passionate way – and proof that petrolheads are already embracing the concept has come from the crowds flocking to its opening weekend. 

Located in Ettington, Stratford-upon-Avon, the Caffeine and Machine has seen a local B&B and restaurant , The Houndshill, transformed into a destination for enthusiasts of every persuasion. Everyone is welcome, nothing is frowned upon: “No judgement, no sneering, no worries.”

The main house has been fully redeveloped in an exhaustive (and high end) refurbishment, and the grounds remodelled to be car- and motorcycle-friendly. Supercar friendly at that, judging by the number of Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Porsches who were there for the opening day.

Caffeine & Machine opening weekend

Outside, a huge marquee tent supplies the caffeine to complement the machines, fuelling what will surely be regular ‘cars and coffee’ meets at the site in months and years to come. Non-drivers could grab a beer from the main house, and the Caffeine and Machine Roadhouse cooked up food that the owners say will have “even die-hard foodies coming back”. I can vouch for how amazing the burgers looked. 

Motoring journalist and TV star Tom Ford is one of the partners in the project led by successful businessman Phil McGovern. On the opening day, he was busy. “I don’t know where to put them all!” he said, as another Ferrari and another Lamborghini turned up on site. With a look of delight, he agreed it was a nice problem to have.

Caffeine & Machine opening weekend

Caffeine and Machine is already on the map, judging by the crowds in attendance, the full car parks, the breathtaking variety of cars that turned up, the dozens of cars parked on the verge outside and in the lanes surrounding the site. The Ace Cafe of the Midlands? The Goodwood of the north? It will be fascinating to see how it develops. 

Having visited it, I can say excitement that everything Caffeine & Machine speaks of on its website appears to be true. I can’t wait to go back. Be sure to visit when you can, and look out for an events calendar to come at some point. It’s everything an unashamed petrolhead like me loves, and I’m certain you’ll feel the same.

“Caffeine and Machine offers everything you expect from a modern member’s club – except you don’t have to be a member to enjoy it”, say the owners. Nailed it: bravo, guys.

Where is Caffeine & Machine? 

In pictures: Caffeine & Machine

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