Eurotunnel makes ‘Brexit Promise’ for driving to France

Eurotunnel makes 'Brexit promise'

Eurotunnel is reassuring travellers that Brexit will not prevent them driving to France – at least in the short term. The message is that whatever happens, the tunnel will stay open.

On its ‘Brexit Promise’ page, it says ‘even in the case of a “no-deal” Brexit, the EU and UK have confirmed we’d continue to have visa-free travel this year and next.

‘Our Brexit promise gives you complete peace of mind, so you can make those holiday dreams reality, and secure the best fares today.’

As October 31 looms. prime minister Boris Johnson insists the UK will depart the EU on this date.

Eurotunnel makes 'Brexit promise'

Even your four-legged friends will be safe from the Brexit fallout. They’ll be allowed to accompany you on your travels as before.

Eurotunnel does warn of potential increased traffic outside the docks, though: 

‘Eurotunnel cannot control traffic flow outside of its terminals. However, we will continue to work with local authorities to ensure our customers are kept up to date.

‘In the unfortunate event of a build-up of traffic on the motorway which results in customers arriving late, we will as always endeavour to accommodate them on the next available shuttle.’

Eurotunnel makes 'Brexit promise'

Booking benefits also remain. These include free amendments up to 24 hours before your departure time, plus free cancellation up to seven days before you go.

‘Our shuttles will be running as usual throughout the year, whatever form Brexit takes,’ the site reads, in bold lettering.

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