Man criticises Elon Musk – gets Tesla order cancelled

Elon Musk reveals Tesla Model X SUV

Elon Musk reveals Tesla Model X SUV

Tesla boss Elon Musk has taken the covers of the company’s new Model X SUV at an event held in California.

Like the Tesla Model S, the X is powered by two electric motors creating a combined output of 762hp – meaning it can hit 62mph in just 3.2 seconds.

That’s in ‘ludicrous’ mode – typically, the P90D model takes 3.8 seconds, while providing up to 250 miles of range from a single charge.

With the batteries located on the Model X’s floor, Tesla says it’ll handle better than other SUVs thanks to its low centre of gravity. It also boasts the lowest drag coefficient in its class of 0.24 – thanks partly to an active spoiler that adjusts depending on speed.

The Tesla Model X is practical, too, with seven seats and a towing capacity of 2,250kg. Tesla says it’s ‘designed to be the safest car on the road’ with automatic emergency braking and a side-collision avoidance system as standard.

Elon Musk reveals Tesla Model X SUV

Every model will also come with a forward-facing camera, radar and 360-degree sonar sensor that, the manufacturer claims, will ‘enable advanced autopilot features’. Although they’ll just be used for tricks such as automatic parking for now, Tesla hints that they bring ‘the Model X ever closer to autonomous operation’.

Like the concept version revealed in 2013, the Model X features ‘Falcon Wing’ doors that require just 30cm of space on either side to open. They open automatically as the driver approaches the car, meaning they never need to touch the door.

As in the Model S, the Model X will feature a large 17-inch touchscreen on the centre of the dashboard to control the car’s features, from audio to vehicle data.

Prices are yet to be confirmed for the UK, where the Model X is expected to go on sale before the end of the year. Expect them to be similar to the Model S, starting at around £55,000 and going up to £90,000.

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