Research reveals where drivers are using their phone at the wheel

Drivers using their phone

Using your phone and driving is highly illegal and ill-advised, but that doesn’t stop a shocking number of us risking a £200 fine and six points on our licence.

But where in the UK are you most likely to find a driver using a mobile phone at the wheel? New figures reveal all.

London calling

Drivers using their phone

Unsurprisngly, London is the worst place for people using their phone while driving. The City of London and London Metropolitan constituencies lead with a respective 1,427 and 228 fines per capita.

It’s been reported that one in two drivers will use their phone while stuck in traffic, even though that remains illegal. Yes, even when stationary.

In the City of London, there’s a police officer for every 15 civilians in the area. Contrast that with London Metropolitan’s one officer for every 258 civilians. It begs the question, how many people are really using their phone behind the wheel elsewhere, without being caught?

Cheshire, West Mercia and Suffolk/Norfolk follow in third, fourth and fifth, with a respective 181, 164 and 154 fines per capita. Essex, Thames Valley, Merseyside, Hampshire and Warwickshire span between 150 and 121 fines per capita.

Phones and driving: The least fines per capita

Drivers using their phone

What about the least fines per capita? That honour goes to Avon & Somerset (37), with Nottinghamshire (40), South Yorkshire (42), Wiltshire (42), Leicestershire (43) and Northamptonshire (43) following close behind.

Avon & Somerset’s figure boasts a scarcely believable 3,756 percent difference with the City of London.

Calls for increased penalties for using phone while driving

“Despite introducing new penalties for offending drivers, there are still so many using their mobile phones at the wheel,” said Tim Schwarz, head of marketing at Moneybarn, the provider of these figures.

“It’s clear there’s still more required from the relevant authorities to bring down these numbers. Even tougher penalties are in discussion – like MP’s current call for use of hands-free devices to be made illegal – to eliminate the ‘dial and drive’ mentality for good.”

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