Classic Ford Mustang lives again… in Lego form

The latest addition is the classic 1967 Ford Mustang, available in Lego Creator Expert form from the beginning of March 2019

Lego Ford Mustang

Authors are immortalised in print, musicians are immortalised on vinyl, cars are immortalised in Lego. At least that’s how it seems at the moment, with the number of incredible cars you can now pick up in Lego form. The latest addition is the classic 1967 Ford Mustang, available in Lego Creator Expert form from the beginning of March 2019.

Lego models are usually a bit hit and miss when it comes to accurately replicating cars but the Mustang is certainly one of the better efforts. The famous pony car’s robust cuboidal proportions lend themselves well to recreation in brick model form.

Lego Ford Mustang

Made up of 1,470 pieces, the Creator Expert Mustang has a particular party piece, because all these models do. In tribute to its status as the darling of the modified muscle car scene in the ‘60s, the Lego recreation is ‘highly customisable’. Side exhausts, an enormous supercharger, a ducktail spoiler, chin spoiler and nitrous oxide tanks come with ‘for an authentic muscle car build experience’.

Lego Ford Mustang

In terms of detail, the Lego ‘Stang comes with working steering, viewable engine, openable doors and trunk and rollable wheels. It measures 10 centimetres high, 34 centimetres long and 14 centimetres wide, so is a bit more compact than the bonkers Chiron

Now all we need to know is how much. The new Lego Creator Expert Ford Mustang can be yours for £119.99 in the UK. One would look good alongside our Chiron…

Lego Ford Mustang

“The Ford Mustang is one of the most iconic, symbolic cars in history – and to bring this fan favourite muscle car to life in brick form, with this level of customisation, has been exhilarating,” said Jamie Berard, Design Lead on LEGO Creator Expert. “We can’t wait to see our LEGO and Ford Mustang fans’ own creations when they get their hands on this new set.”

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