Stunning DBS ’59’ is Aston Martin’s tribute to a Le Mans legend

Aston Martin DBS '59'

The first in-the-metal images of the Aston Martin DBS ’59’ edition have been revealed.

One thing is certain: this isn’t just any old limited edition. Here’s what makes it a bit special.

Le Mans, 1959

Aston Martin DBS '59'

The DBS ’59’ pays homage to the 1959 Le Mans 24 Hours race. Aston Martin scored an historic 1-2 finish with the DBR1, with Carroll Shelby and Roy Salvadori sharing the lead car ahead of Maurice Trintignant and Paul Frére.

It’s now 60 years since that victory cemented Aston Martin as one of the greats of sports car racing – a history upon which subsequent DBR9 and Vantage GTE racers would build.

DBS ’59′ – the devil in the detail

Aston Martin DBS '59'

This special project was commissioned by Aston Martin Cambridge and undertaken by Aston Martin’s Q division. Limited to 24 units – one for every race hour at Le Mans – DBS ’59’ features of a number of stunning details. It’s by no means just a spray and trim job.

Paint is, nonetheless, important. It wouldn’t pay homage to the Salvadori DBR1 if it wasn’t Aston Martin Racing Green, a hue also worn by GT racers of the last 15 years.

A carbon fibre roof, plus bronze detailing in the brightwork and badging, complete the exterior highlights of the ’59’. There’s also lettering on the ‘aeroblade’ rear spoiler, detailing the chassis and engine number of the Le Mans winner, alongside its silhouette.

Inside the DBS ’59′

Aston Martin DBS '59'

The interior is a tasteful tribute to the 1959 Le Mans winner. You’ll find tan-on-black leather and special embroidery on the speaker grilles and sun visor. The bronze detailing continues, too, aping the switchgear from the original DBR1.

Look in the back and you’ll find a colour-coded retro racing helmet, along with blue race suits and replicas of Shelby’s race gloves.

Aston Martin DBS '59'

“The ‘DBS 59’ strikes a careful balance between a timeless design that respects our history and a modern take that celebrates our future,” said Simon Lane, director of Q and VIP sales.

“The DBS Superleggera is the most powerful production car ever produced by Aston Martin and so it is fitting that the ‘DBS 59’ special editions have been commissioned to mark 60 years since our iconic 1-2 win at Le Mans.”

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