Volkswagen ID.3 prices to start from under £30k

Volkswagen will open ordering for series versions of its new all-electric ID.3 EV – and prices will start from £29,900

Volkswagen ID.3

Volkswagen will open ordering for series versions of the new ID3 electric car later in October with prices starting from £29,900.

The surprising sub-£30k price tag is for the entry-level ID3 Life and is achieved after the Plug-in Car Grant is subtracted.

Prices may drop even lower in 2021 when a smaller-capacity battery goes on sale.

Volkswagen ID.3

Volkswagen will offer the ID3 in seven different trim levels. All have preconfigured specs with option choices limited to paint and interior colours.

Six versions will feature a 58 kWh battery, as already featured on the ID3 Launch Edition. This gives a range of up to 263 miles.  

A range-topping ID3 Tour will use a 77 kWh battery, increasing driving range to 336 miles.

All ID3 currently use a 204 hp electric motor, branded Pro Performance with the 58 kWh battery, and Pro S with the 77 kWh battery.

Volkswagen ID.3 specs

Volkswagen ID.3

The ID3 is well equipped even in basic Life guise. LED headlights, adaptive cruise control, sat nav with 10.0-inch touchscreen, keyless start and the Volkswagen voice assistant are all standard.

No ID3 has wheels smaller than 18-inches.

An over-the-air software update brings wireless smartphone charging, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in early 2021.

Volkswagen then builds up ID3 equipment with a combination from five different spec packs – Design, Infotainment, Comfort, Assistance and Sport (and each has a higher-grade ‘Plus’ version).

This is some of what each includes:

  • Design – LED matrix headlights, animated rear LED lights, interior ambient lighting (Plus: adds panoramic sunroof)
  • Infotainment – Discover Pro sat nav (Plus: adds head-up display, upgraded sound system)
  • Comfort – heated seats and steering wheel, electric folding door mirrors (Plus: adds two-zone climate control)
  • Assistance – rear-view camera, keyless entry (Plus: adds Travel Assist, Side Assist, Emergency Assist)
  • Sport – sports suspension (Plus: adds Dynamic Chassis Control)

VW ID.3 model line-up

Volkswagen ID.3

The six Volkswagen ID3 model grades feature the following combination of specs:

  • Life (from £29,990): Infotainment, Comfort
  • Business (from £33,720): Design, Infotainment, Comfort, Assistance
  • Family (from £34,560): Design Plus, Infotainment, Comfort Plus, Assistance
  • Style (from £34,810): Design Plus, Infotainment, Comfort
  • Tech (from £36,190): Design Plus, Infotainment Plus, Comfort, Assistance Plus
  • Max (from £38,220): Design Plus, Infotainment Plus, Comfort Plus, Assistance Plus, Sport
  • Tour (from £39,290): Design, Infotainment Plus, Comfort Plus, Assistance Plus

Ordering for the ID3 opens on 22 October and Volkswagen expects first deliveries to begin before the end of the month.

“We are over the moon to be able to offer an ID3 in the UK for under £30,000,” said product marketing manager Tim O’Donovan.

“The ID3 Life represents an affordable way for many people to take the leap into emission-free motoring.

“Versions of the ID3 with a smaller battery and less powerful motors will go on sale later next year with an even lower price.”


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