540hp Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA turns the QV up to 11

Alfa Romeo's widened bewinged 540hp Giulia GTA takes a swing at the Jaguar Project 8, and just 500 are going to be made

Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA 2020 Geneva

Alfa Romeo has revealed the thrilling new Giulia GTA online in place of a physical unveil at the now-cancelled 2020 Geneva Motor Show.

Based on the popular Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde (QV) super saloon, it turns this Italian super exec up to eleven, with more horsepower, less weight, and a track-oriented focus that’s spoiling for a punch-up with the Jaguar Project 8

Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA

A faster version of the already ballistic Giulia has long been rumoured. So what does the GTA bring to the table?

In Alfa lore, GTA means exclusivity, racing provenance, and reduced weight. It also means jaw-dropping muscular Italian looks.

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The standard car wasn’t exactly timid, but a healthy smothering of arch extensions and carbon aero addenda have upped the snarl. 

Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA 2020 Geneva

Those arch extensions have pushed the new 20-inch centre-lock wheels out by 50mm, while re-engineered suspension keeps it rigid in the corners.

Wider would ordinarily mean heavier, but the Giulia GTA uses carbon fibre extensively, for the arches, driveshaft, bonnet, roof and front bumper. The ‘A’ in ‘GTA’ does stand for Allegerita, or ‘lightened’, after all. 

It’s not all talk and diet, either. The GTA comes with added muscle, up to 540hp, from its revised Ferrari-derived 2.9-litre twin-turbo V6 engine.

Acoustics also come improved courtesy of a bespoke Akrapovic exhaust system, exiting through the centre of the giant new rear diffuser.

Giulia GTAm – look out, Jaguar Project 8

Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA 2020 Geneva

While we all thought Jaguar was slightly mad in lopping out the rear seats and adding a big wing to its small executive saloon, Alfa was clearly impressed.

So the GTAm is the Italian Project 8, with the rear seats junked in exchange for a roll bar, racing fronts and six-point harnesses to go with. 

Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA

Out back, there’s a nice chunky wing to go with the diffuser on the GTAm, again taking the fight right to the Project 8. The windows are framed with Lexan polycarbonate to get the weight down even more, for a total weight of (around) 1,520kg for the GTAm.

Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA 2020 Geneva

While it’s down on power compared with the big Jag – there’s no increase compared with the 540hp ‘normal’ GTA – it’s also very much lighter, by over 200kg.

62mph arrives in just 3.6 seconds thanks to the launch control system, though we wonder if it’ll match the QV’s top end of 191mph with all that new aero. We expect that the GTAm might gun for the Jag’s dubious four-door Nurburgring record very soon.

GTA – the ultimate in exclusivity

Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA 2020 Geneva

GTA is the Alfa Romeo equivalent of GTO for Ferrari. It’s an integral part of the brand’s legend and as such, the new car will be very exclusive.

Just 500 will be made, numbered and certified. Each car will come with a personal experience package, including a special Bell helmet in a GTA livery, full race suit loves and shoes, and a Goodwool car cover.

If they so desire, customers can get involved in a driving course with the Alfa Romeo Driving Academy.

Get your orders in quick if you want a slice. With just 500 to be made, it’s more exclusive than the V8-powered 8C supercar of 2007.

As for price, no pound figure has been mentioned yet. But, given the modifications and limited numbers, expect the price to rival the six-figure Project 8, too…

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