How to check driving test availability online

The driving test booking service has reopened and the DVSA is running a driving test availability service to help learner drivers

DVSA driving test availability online tool

The driving test booking service has reopened after ‘unprecedented demand’ forced a temporary closure – and a driving test availability service now allows learner drivers to check for available tests in near-real time.

The DVSA online tool is being updated every 30 minutes. It lists every location in the UK (England, Scotland and Wales), along with current availability.

One of four descriptions will be displayed alongside each driving test centre location:

  • Appointments available – tests are available within the next six weeks
  • Limited availability – between 90-95 percent of all appointments in the next six weeks are booked
  • Very limited availability – over 95 percent of all appointments in the next six weeks are booked
  • No availability – there are no appointments in the next six weeks

The service shows availability for car tests, as well as lorry, bus and coach, plus Motorcycle Module 1 and 2.

Officials advise learner drivers to use the service while they wait to book a test. However, ‘when you reach the front of the queue, there is no guarantee that appointments will still be available. It’s possible that available appointments might have been booked.’

From Monday 14 September, DVSA extended the period in which tests are available from six weeks to 18 weeks.

This, says the government organisation, will add more than 375,000 extra test appointments to the end of January 2021.

Officials have also advised learner drivers not to use third party websites which “charge for something that people can do for free themselves via our online booking service.

“There is not a ‘waiting list’ or ‘cancellation list’ for driving tests. You can only book the appointments that you can see online.”


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