ultimate guide to find cheap fuelShutterstock

How to find the cheapest petrol and diesel near me

Fuel prices fluctuate regularly, but they also vary from one petrol station to the next. Here’s our actionable guide to finding the cheapest fuel near you.
How to check what you can tow this summerLMLPhoto /

Caravan holidays: here's what you can legally tow this summer

In the wake of the coronavirus, many are opting for UK caravan holidays. We explain what you can legally tow, which depends on when you passed your test.
Smart motorway refuge

How to use the emergency refuge areas on smart motorways

Emergency refuge areas are a safe haven for stranded vehicles on busy smart motorways – but many motorists don’t know what they are or how to use them.
Hybrid Catalytic Converter Thefts

How to prevent catalytic converter theft from cars

An increase in catalytic converters thefts has particularly affected hybrid cars such as the Toyota Prius. Here's how to stop your cat being stolen.
Diesel particulate filter warning light

Why are diesel particulate filters a problem?

Replacing a diesel particulate filter (DPF) could cost more than the value of your car. Here, we look at the potential problems and how to avoid them.
Stay healthy behind the wheelShutterstock

How to stay healthy, safe and happy when driving

Stress, boredom, poor diet and, of course, viral infection are all issues drivers can face. Read our guide to staying healthy and happy behind the wheel.
Yellow box junction

Yellow box junctions: how to avoid a penalty

Stopping in a yellow box junction could land you with a £130 fine. We explain the rules – including a video – so you can stay legal and safe.
How to save money on your car insuranceShutterstock

How to save money on car insurance

Car insurance can be expensive, particularly for younger drivers, but following this advice could save you money on your next renewal.
How to get the best price for your PCP trade-inShutterstock

How to get the best price for your PCP trade-in car

Beware the word 'minimum' in Guaranteed Minimum Future Value. Read our guide to make sure you get the best price for your PCP trade-in.
How to avoid parking prangsShutterstock

How to avoid low-speed car parking accidents

The car insurance industry estimates there are more than 1,000 low-speed collisions in the UK every day. And the average repair bill tops £1,500.