Ferrari Premium is the sensible way to buy a used supercar

Ferrari Premium servicing

Ferrari Premium is the new scheme offering peace of mind to Ferrari owners with cars aged up to 25 years.

It involves providing eligible cars with a certificate attesting to service and maintenance history. This also certifies any recall repairs, revisions or replacements that have been carried out. In short, it confirms your classic Ferrari is the real deal.

Models eligible include the 456 GT, 456 GTA, 550 Maranello, 550 Barchetta, 360 Modena, 575, 575 SuperAmerica, 612 Scaglietti, F430, 599 and Enzo. 

Yes, you can get a Premium certificate to confirm that your Enzo has been properly cared for. Quite what effect that has on the seven-figure value, we’d be intrigued to know.

Ferrari Premium servicing

Maintenance for the fuel, lubrication, hydraulic and braking systems are all available at special prices, too. And the scheme gives you a shortcut to Classiche certification once your car passes 20 years old.

Ferrari Premium complements the after-sales schemes on new cars. Impressively, for a supercar manufacturer, Ferrari also offers a four-year warranty and seven years of free maintenance (both extendable still further at added cost). 

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