Uber to give free rides and meals to NHS staffShutterstock

Coronavirus: NHS workers to get free Uber rides

Ride-hailing company Uber has announced it will give free rides to NHS staff travelling to work during the COVID-19 crisis.
Ride-hailing less eco friendly than drivingShutterstock

Is Uber worse for the environment than driving yourself?

It’s claimed that ride-hailing can be less eco-friendly than other means of getting to your destination, including driving yourself. We look at the research.
Nissan Leafs for Uber driversNissan

Nissan partners with Uber to electrify London fleet

Nissan have signed a deal for up to 2,000 Leafs to be made available for Uber drivers in London, as part of Uber's EV-only London plan for 2025
Uber London licence 2019Shutterstock

Uber could now be banned from Birmingham

Uber’s licence renewal in Birmingham is being denied, as dispute around the safety and security protocols of the ride-hailing company continues in London
Volkswagen Sharan Addison LeeVW

Revealed: Britain’s favourite alternative to Uber

Stats reveal Addison Lee is the most searched-for alternative taxi service to Uber, with more than twice the online traffic of rivals.
Uber alternatives LondonKapten

Uber and out: the ride-hailing apps to use instead

As Uber faces losing its licence in London, we round-up the alternatives – from Kapten to Gett. And not forgetting the good old-fashioned black cab.
Uber London licence 2019Shutterstock

This is why Uber's London licence ends TODAY

After more than two years of revocations and extensions, Uber's licence for its 45,000 London-based drivers has been suspended. We explain why.
Uber London emissionsT&E

Has Uber contributed to London's pollution problem?

Uber and other ride-hailing services have contributed to a spike in CO2 emissions in cities like London, a new report claims.
Uber London licence extended 2019Shutterstock

Uber London licence extended by two months

Ride-hailing service Uber has had its London licence extended for a further two months, as its existing 15-month extension expires
Volvo and Uber partner on autonomous carsVolvo

Uber’s self-driving Volvo is ready for action

Uber and Volvo have unveiled a production-ready self-driving XC90. It's the fruit of a three-year collaboration after they partnered in 2016