clock change

Does turning the clocks back cause road traffic accidents?

RoSPA is calling once more for the clock change to be scrapped, claiming darker evenings are directly related to more accidents.
Play streets are now easier to bookShutterstock

The government has made it easier to create a 'play street'

The phenomenon of 'play streets' is getting encouragement from the government as they make it easier for communities to reserve their roads
Speeding drivers are more likely to crashShutterstock

Speeding drivers 'most likely to crash'

Researchers at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, used insurance company data to conclude that speeding drivers are more likely to crash.
Car crime

Revealed: the worst places in the UK for car crime

Where are the areas in which your car is most likely to be vandalised?
Motoring selfie

RAC reveals motoring mobile phone 'epidemic'

11 million motorists admit they have used a mobile behind the wheel in the past 12 months
20mph speed limit

Safety group unconvinced about 20mph Edinburgh safety scheme

From Sunday 31 July, 20mph will become the speed limit on 80% of Edinburgh city roads
Land Rover emergency services

Automatic emergency call for ALL new cars sold from 2018

Automatic emergency call - or eCall - will be fitted as standard to every new car sold in the EU from 2018 following a vote by the European Parliament.
BTCC introduces mandatory breath-tests

BTCC to introduce breath tests for drivers

Breathalysers for BTCC drivers as series organisers clamp down on 'the risk' of the morning-after effect