Cycling in LondonIR Stone /

Highway Code: cyclists could get priority on the roads

The government is proposing a raft of changes to the Highway Code to provide greater protection for cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders.
Obscured Stop sign on a rural road

Motorists warned about obscured road signs

Safety campaigners are warning motorists about road signs obscured by roadside vegetation, which is currently at its thickest
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The UK has the second safest roads in Europe

British roads are among the safest in Europe, according to new figures – only Sweden is safer. But the number of deaths in eastern Europe is much higher.
Smart motorway refuge

How to use the emergency refuge areas on smart motorways

Emergency refuge areas are a safe haven for stranded vehicles on busy smart motorways – but many motorists don’t know what they are or how to use them.
Volvo steering wheel logo: the automaker is now electronically limiting all its cars to a 112mph top speed

Every new Volvo now has a 112mph top speed

Volvo is restricting every new car it sells to a 112mph top speed. It has also launched a programmable Care Key – we explain what it is.
How to report lorry bus or coach driverShutterstock

How to report an unsafe bus, coach or lorry driver

The DVSA has guidance for reporting bus, coach and lorry operators and drivers for safety concerns. We explain the process.
Most accidents happen on slow roadsMariusz Galas

Most accidents happen on slower roads

Research shows the vast majority of roads accidents take place on slower roads. However, you're more likely to die on a faster road in the countryside.
Speed limits and the lawShutterstock

Speed limits, roads and the law: what you need to know

Research shows that 46 percent of drivers break the speed limit on a motorway. Here, we outline what you need to know about speeding and the law.
How to stay awake behind the wheelShutterstock

How to stay awake when driving long distances

Accidents caused by tiredness behind the wheel are 50 percent more likely to result in death or serious injury. Here's how to stay alert when driving.
How to drive in the rainIvan Kurmyshov /

How to drive safely in the rain

Slowing down and maintaining a safe distance to the car in front are just two things to remember when you're driving in wet weather.