How and when you should appeal parking finesShutterstock

How to appeal a parking ticket

There are many reasons to appeal a parking fine, including unclear signage or incorrect details on the ticket. Read our easy to follow guide.
City parking UKShutterstock

Revealed: the cities with the world's most expensive car parking

A new study of 65 cities reveals the world's most expensive parking. You'll need to dig deep to park your car in New York, Boston, Sydney and London.
Safest UK car parksUSwitch

These are the UK's safest – and least safe – car parks

Using analysis of 200 of the UK's busiest car parks, we can reveal the safest and least safe places to park your car. In short: park in Exeter, Devon.
How to avoid parking prangsShutterstock

How to avoid low-speed car parking accidents

The car insurance industry estimates there are more than 1,000 low-speed collisions in the UK every day. And the average repair bill tops £1,500.
Pavement parking could be banned in englandShutterstock

UK-wide pavement parking ban is being considered

The Department of Transport has suggested that car parking on pavements could be banned in the UK, pending a consultation.
Resident parking and parking in front of your drivewayShutterstock

Is it illegal to park in front of a driveway?

The laws around parking a car are easily misunderstood. We reveal whether your local parking pariah is actually breaking the rules or not.
Unfair parking tickets

Revealed: the cities with the most unfair parking tickets

A Freedom of Information request shows the cities where parking tickets are most likely to be overturned. We also explain how to challenge an unfair ticket.
Parking prangs cost UK motorists £1.5billion a yearSkoda

Parking prangs cost UK motorists £1.5 billion a year

Parking can be unexpectedly expensive, as new research reveals. Indeed, UK drivers are shelling out a cool £1.5 billion a year to repair parking damage.
where you can't park in the UKmikecphoto /

Explained: all the places you're not allowed to park

From double yellow lines to outside someone's house, we reveal the places you're not allowed to park a car in the UK – and the places you can.
Mercedes parking displayParkopedia

Mercedes-Benz drivers can pay for parking via their dashboard

Parkopedia and EasyPark have teamed up to allow Mercedes-Benz drivers in Germany to pay for their parking via the dashboard.