Volvo Amazon Prime Now test drives back by popular demand

For when you need to test drive a Volvo RIGHT NOW

Volvo V40Volvo recently became the first car manufacturer to offer test drives via Amazon Prime Now – and the service proved so popular, the firm is running the offer again this weekend, to give those who missed out the first time a second chance.

Running in London, Volvo said it was “heavily subscribed” and 100 test drives were carried out during the weekend of 9-10th June. It was “incredibly well received,” said Volvo Car UK MD Jon Wakefield, “with customers welcoming the fact the V40 was delivered to them to fit in with their busy schedules.”

Volvo reports glowing feedback, with 95 percent of drivers happy to rate the service as ‘excellent’.

“This hassle-free test drive approach certainly caught their imagination,” added Wakefield, “and we are pleased to be able to extend it in London for a second weekend.” 

Londoners, find out if it’s running in your area by checking Volvo Amazon Prime Now

Volvo Amazon Prime Now test drives: how do they work?

Volvo V40

Motorists book the test drives through a special Volvo section on Amazon Prime Now. They can choose a convenient time and request the car be delivered either to their home or workplace. Users enter their postcode, select their location, then choose a time slot. That’s it.

Test drives take 45 minutes, and a fully trained expert wakes them through the car in detail before heading out onto the road. And if they want to buy? The expert will put them in touch with their nearest Volvo car dealer: they don’t (yet) sell cars.

Make sure you know your Amazon Primes from your Prime Nows, though. Prime Now is an add-on to Amazon Prime, that lets users select same-day delivery: it currently operates across 30 percent of the UK population, in areas such as London, Birmingham, Newcastle, Manchester, Liverpool, Surrey, West Yorkshire and Glasgow.

And the Volvo V40? It’s getting on a bit these days, and will be replaced sooner rather than later, but it’s still one of Volvo’s best sellers in the UK. Prices start from £21,410.

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