Technician working on Vauxhall Fixed Price Repairs

Vauxhall slashes car repair costs – and fast-tracks key workers

Technician working on Vauxhall Fixed Price Repairs

Vauxhall is cutting service and repair prices across its dealer network to levels normally only seen in the aftermarket sector.

The brand is also fast-tracking Vauxhall-driving NHS staff and key workers during the coronavirus crisis to keep them on the move.

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Called Vauxhall Fixed Price repairs, the new initiative has two levels:

  • Vauxhall Genuine – for owners who want genuine Vauxhall manufactures parts
  • Vauxhall Approved – for owners of cars over three years old after a more affordable alternative

Quotes prices are bundled to include parts, labour and VAT, and Vauxhall Approved parts have a two-year parts and labour warranty.

Vauxhall Fixed Price Repairs

And those prices? On average in the UK, a front brake pad service costs £185, says Vauxhall.

With Vauxhall Genuine, the price is £149. And with Vauxhall Approved, just £99.

Vauxhall is also offering zero percent finance on all parts and servicing, from three to 12 months. It means a Vauxhall Approved brake service will cost £24.75 over four months.

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Wiper blades are normally £48; they’re £39 for Vauxhall Genuine, £29 for Vauxhall Approved – that’s fully-fitted.

Batteries might be taking a hit during the coronavirus lockdown. On average, a new battery costs £202 – but a Vauxhall Genuine one is £169, while Vauxhall Approved is £109.

A cambelt service is available under the new Vauxhall Fixed Price Repairs scheme for £399 – or £33.25 a month over 12 months.

“Vauxhall is committed to putting value and quality front and centre in the minds of its owners,” said Stephen Norman, MD of Vauxhall Motors.

“With the Fixed Price Repair programme, our customers do not need to compromise by visiting aftermarket retailers, when they can visit their local Vauxhall dealer and enjoy comparable pricing, yet with the absolute confidence of being looked after by trained and qualified Vauxhall technicians.”

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