Uber could BAN accounts of customers with coronavirus

Uber could suspended accounts of people infected with coronavirus

Rail-hailing service Uber has contacted customers to detail its response to the coronavirus (Covid-19).

Measures include financial assistance for drivers who are unable to work, supplying disinfectant to clean vehicles and suspending the accounts of customers who are infected – or have been exposed to the virus.

Ride-hailing, taxi and ride-share schemes, as we’ve previously explored, can exacerbate the spread of a virus. Here’s what Uber had to say.

Suspending accounts of infected users


Uber is in ’24/7′ communication with public health authorities as they respond to the pandemic.

This could result in those known to be infected – or likely to be infected – being temporarily banned from the service. Uber says it is ‘working with an epidemiologist to make sure our efforts as a company are grounded in medical advice’.

Helping affected drivers

Uber is offering help to drivers and couriers who have been diagnosed or told to self-isolate.

It promises ‘financial assistance’ for up to 14 days while an account is on hold. The specifics of this arrangement aren’t mentioned in the email, but measures have already been put into place.

Keeping cars clean

Uber licence loss sees taxi costs rise 21 percent

Drivers will be provided with disinfectants so they can keep their cars clean.

Uber is partnering up with manufacturers and distributors of cleaning products in order to maintain supplies. These will be distributed to the cities in most need.

Uber Eats: food for the infected

Those who are self-isolating due to coronavirus infection may be short on options for food.

Uber Eats will still deliver, however, and can leave food at your door if you add a note to that effect.

Uber could suspended accounts of people infected with coronavirus

The spread of coronavirus has caused disruption the world over, and the transport industry is particularly affected. 

Supply chains have been interrupted, and for the first time in its history the Geneva Motor Show was cancelled.

The knock-on effect of a fall in oil prices is of little comfort to motorists, as the virus continues to spread.

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