Americans can now tweet to test-drive a Mini

Hashtag miniondemand in a tweet and Mini USA will deliver a car to your door for a 30-minute test drive

Mini Countryman is available via Mini tweet to test drive initiativeMini is trialling test drives by Twitter in North America. It hopes the new scheme will attract interest from younger people who may find more traditional methods unappealing. 

The initiative will run until 30 November in San Francisco and Los Angeles. The Mini Countryman and its plug-in hybrid sister car will be available to test.

How does it work? It couldn’t be easier, reckons Mini: tweet #miniondemand to @miniusa. A link will be DM’d by return, in which prospective buyers fill in delivery information and a preferred date and time for the drive.

Once submitted, Mini will arrange the test drive and turn up at the location at the agreed time, for an entirely no-obligation 30-minute test drive.

Mini Countryman is available via Mini tweet to test drive initiative

Mini’s working with technology provider Fooji for the drives. Its brand communications head, Patrick McKenna, said the collaboration “allows us to use innovative technology and the power of Twitter to simplify the test drive experience for car shoppers by offering quick and convenient test drives.

“We understand that today’s consumer expects a smooth and easy retail experience, and we’re hoping to deliver that right to their door.”

Twitter’s Rob Pietsch is very excited about the Mini ‘tweet to test drive’ initiative. “This type of creative execution is powerful not only in driving conversation among influential consumers, but it also brings the dealership straight to their front door in an incredibly innovative way.”

Would you like Mini to run a test drive by Twitter scheme over here? Let us know in the comments below.

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