New tool reveals if you are paying too much for car insurance

A new online tool will tell you if you're paying too much for your car insurance. Drivers in London might want to look away now...

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Nobody likes paying more than they have to for something, especially if it’s car insurance. It’s one of the most expensive and unavoidable costs of motoring.

According to recent figures from MoneySuperMarket, the average cost of a comprehensive car insurance policy is £475. This is a six percent fall compared to six months ago, and two percent lower than 12 months ago.

The average price is just that: an average. Higher risk groups, such as young drivers will pay more, as will consumers in high-risk postcodes. Which is where the new CompareTheMarket insurance tool comes in.

Simply input your area, age, value of your car and current car insurance premium to find if you’re getting a good deal. Unsurprisingly, the most expensive premiums are found in London, but you might be surprised by the difference between the highest and lowest prices.

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Newham is the most expensive area, with drivers paying an average of £1,521.66 in the London borough. This is followed by Tower Hamlets (£1,366.69), Brent (£1,324.92) and Hackney (£1,301.23).

Island living is recommended if you want to pay the least for car insurance. Three out of the four cheapest regions are islands, with residents of the Isles of Scilly paying just £329.45 a year. Only West Devon prevents the Orkney Islands and Isle of Wight from completing an island one-two-three.

There are 408 regions in the CompareTheMarket tool, with all but 13 showing a more expensive price than the MoneySuperMarket average. One thing’s clear: where you live plays a massive role in how much you pay for cover.

Six out of the 15 cheapest regions are in Devon. Meanwhile, 14 out of the 15 most expensive locations are in the Greater London area. Manchester is the 11th most expensive area in the UK.

The most costly areas for car insurance

  1. Newham: £1,521.66
  2. Tower Hamlets: £1,366.69
  3. Brent: £1,324.92
  4. Hackney: £1,301.23
  5. Barking and Dagenham: £1,295.74
  6. Westminster: £1,279.36
  7. Redbridge: £1,267.36
  8. Haringey: £1,262.19
  9. Kensington and Chelsea: £1,231.70
  10. Enfield: £1,220.51

The cheapest areas for car insurance

  1. Isles of Scilly: £329.45
  2. Orkney Islands: £442.05
  3. West Devon: £445.65
  4. Isle of Wight: £447.04
  5. Torridge: £449.72
  6. East Devon: £456.40
  7. Kerrier: £463.92
  8. North Norfolk: £465.19
  9. Fareham: £466.01
  10. East Lothian: £467.98

Click here for the full data and the research methodology.

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