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Your top 10 car questions – and the answers

What are the most common car questions? Using monthly search data from Google, we can reveal all. We'll even provide some of the answers.
Buy road tax annually, not monthly

How much does it cost to tax your car?

Car tax is a confusing business. Buy a new electric car and you pay nothing in Vehicle Excise Duty (VED), but the same is true of a 1970s classic with a V8.
SORN scam websitesShutterstock

Motorists told to beware of SORN scam websites

The DVLA is warning drivers to beware of fake SORN websites using scam tactics to charge motorists for a service that is free via the official channel.
How to declare SORNMalcolm T Walls Photo /

Declare SORN and save money during lockdown. Here's how

Around 10 percent of motorists have stopped driving during the lockdown. If you're not using your car, it might make sense to declare SORN.
Tesla Model 3 UK orderingTesla

Tesla tax win: Model 3 is FINALLY road tax free

The UK government has corrected an oddity that saw Tesla Model 3 electric car drivers paying more for road tax (VED) than some petrol and diesel cars.
DVLA car scams up 20 percent

‘Real life’ DVLA car scams up 20 percent

There's been a 20 percent increase in the number of car scams reported to the DVLA, with fraudsters uing social media and text messages to target motorists.
DVLA clamping down on tax evasion

DVLA clamping down on car tax evasion

The DVLA is warning motorists that not paying vehicle tax has ‘real consquences’, as it names the 20 regions of the UK where evasion is highest.
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£280 million lost in switch from paper tax discs

Since the scrapping of paper tax discs in October 2014, the ‘upper estimates’ of losses in road tax revenue reach £280 million
Car tax evasion up. Ford and Vauxhall the worstShutterstock

Ford and Vauxhall drivers the worst for vehicle tax dodging

Over 180,000 people were caught without tax last year. That’s a 7,000-person increase on the year before. This, according to new DVLA data
changes to road tax 2017

New 2017 road tax rules: a five-minute guide

Changes to the rate of Vehicle Excise Duty – VED, or road tax – come into force from April this year. We have the details, including how much you'll pay