Shell is teaming up with Jamie Oliver for better fuel stop grub

Jamie Oliver Shell

Shell has partnered with famous TV chef Jamie Oliver to help improve the food offering at its petrol stations. How? By introducing the ‘Jamie Oliver Deli by Shell’ range.

The goal is to offer Britain’s motorists a variety of healthier and more enjoyable food choices. It’s a worthy scheme, given petrol station cuisine tends to consist of bars of chocolate, bags of crisps and over-priced sandwiches of questionable nutritional benefit.

Jamie Oliver Shell

From the end of January, over 80 new products from the partnership will be distributed to around 500 of Shell’s petrol stations throughout the country.

The range includes a variety of sandwiches, wraps, salads and kids’ meal boxes. It’s Jamie Oliver, so there’s plenty of fruit, veg and overall healthier versions of what you might otherwise get. That’s not to say it isn’t nice, or that there aren’t more indulgent options in the range. The goal isn’t to rob you of your road trip treats, rather offer more rounded and nutritious meal options for diners on the go.

According to data acquired during an IPSOS Mori survey, over half of UK drivers want healthier options for eating on the go from petrol stations. The new range is said to offer ‘exciting, testy, healthier food to choose from on the road’ – inclusive of 69 percent more fruit and veg just across the sandwich range.

Jamie Oliver Shell

“I’m incredibly excited about this partnership,” said Jamie Oliver.

“Working together we will give millions of Shell customers each week the opportunity to enjoy tastier, healthier and more varied food choices.

“Food on the go is going to become a far bigger, more normal part of everyone’s busy, modern lives – so it’s essential we make it more enjoyable through better-quality ingredients and exciting flavours.”

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