RUF Porsche now officially on sale in UK

RUF GBHigh-performance Porsche specialist RUF has opened its first official sales outlet in the UK, in association with Kent-based brokerage

Part of RUF’s expanding international network, founder Estonia Ruf says entry into the UK market comes at an important time “because our range of cars is now the strongest it has ever been”.

> RUF Automobile UK

RUF has been tuning Porsches for four decades now, building an envied reputation for its super-fast models that has helped it expand internationally into the USA, Canada, Singapore, Japan, China, Thailand, Taiwan and Chile.


Now the UK is the next overseas market to gain official recognition and will now sell the full range of RUF Porsches (of which every one is capable of more than 200mph), plus custom bespoke-build classic models of which the firm has an even broader choice.

The RUF Porsche 2016 new car model range comprises:

  • RUF RtR (it has 802 hp: because RUF thinks the regular Porsche 911 Turbo is too slow)
  • RUF RGT (RUF’s extreme 525hp non-turbo 911 is for those who think the GT3 RS is too subtle)
  • RUF Turbo Florio (the 645hp hyper-power turbocharged Targa)
  • RUF CTR3 Clubsport (RUF’s amazing 777hp bespoke-build Porsche Carrera GT-style mid-engined supercar)
  • RUF 3800S (RUF’s take on the Porsche Boxster and Cayman, compete with 420hp)

Mark Sekula is the new co-director of RUF Automobile UK, after being friends with the Ruf family for many years.

“Knowing what RUF is capable of producing, we are very excited to be a part of the expanding international presence. The UK has tremendous potential for RUF cars and it will be our task to establish a sound base for both pre and post-sales support for customers in this country.

“We feel that now is the perfect time for us to satisfy the needs of the high-performance and luxury sector based on our own current market experience here in the UK.”

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