It’s now easier to replace a lost MOT certificate

lost mot certificate

It’s now easier to replace a lost MOT certificate thanks to a new online service launched by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

Last year, more than 636,000 duplicate MOT certificates were issued in Great Britain after vehicle owners lost or damaged the original. That’s around two percent of all MOT certificates issued in 2018.

The new service will allow vehicle owners to view and save their MOT certificate as a PDF and print it if required. The free service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

All MOT certificates issued since 20 May 2018 are available – including passes and fails – but for now, only owners of cars and motorcycles can use the lost MOT certificate service. Lorries, buses and trailers are expected to be added later this year.

How to use the lost MOT certificate service

lost mot certificate service

The new service is part of the existing MOT history service, and the option to replace a lost certificate appears alongside the test record. To view the certificate, the user simply types in the 11-digit reference number from the vehicle log book (V5C).

Simply head to the ‘replace a lost or damaged MOT certificate’ section of the government website.

Duplicate certificates will still be available from MOT centres, but owners could be charged up to £10 for the service. 

The DVSA is warning motorists not to use one of the unofficial websites that charge people for unofficial MOT certificates. These companies do not have a licence or permission from the DVSA to produce lookalike certificates.

This new service means that there’s no reason to visit a third party website, as replacement MOT certificates are available for free from the official government website.

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