This new calculator reveals your real-world CO2 emissions

 CO2 emissions

Car leasing specialist AMT has created a new calculator that lets motorists work out how much CO2 emissions their cars are pumping out over the course of their usage. 

The calculator uses AMT’s in-house data on 15,000 different cars to provide an estimate on daily driving emissions, as well as for longer periods. Put your miles in, both per day and over the course of its life, and you’ll get daily and lifetime emissions calculations.

A diesel Renault Megane, for example, will emit 3,443,988 grams (yes, that’s over 3.4 million grams) of CO2 over the course of 20,000 miles. Over a day of doing 100 miles, it’ll emit 17,220 grams.

emissions calculator

There’s also a league table of 51 different manufacturers in order of which is most and least polluting based on cumulative emissions from across the range.

Predictably, Tesla tops the table for the least-polluting. You don’t need a calculator to work out an electric car produces no emissions, both on paper and in the real world. City car manufacturer Smart and DS Automobiles follow it.

At the bottom of the table, no surprises here, none other than the Raging Bull Lamborghini, which on average produces 347g/km, followed closely by Bentley and Rolls-Royce. McLaren in 46th and Aston Martin in 47th lead Ferrari, Bentley, Rolls and Lambo, impressively, with 252g/km and 272g/km respectively.

Of the main trio of German executive manufacturers, BMW and Audi jointly lead in 16th and 17th with 133g/km. Mercedes is all the way down in 36th, with 174g/km.

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