Porsche Heritage Design: limited edition heritage-influenced models are coming

Porsche Heritage Design

Porsche Heritage Design: it sounds like it could be yet another generic design package like ‘Black Edition’, ’Shadow Edition’ or the like. But that’s not the case, according to Porsche.

It’s a nomenclature that was first used to preview a special version of what its arguably the most special modern 911: the new 911 Speedster. Now, Porsche is saying we’re going to get even more examples, limited in number, that take influence from its colourful history.

Porsche Heritage Design: explained

Porsche Heritage Design

The Speedster Porsche introduced at the New York Auto Show previewed the ‘lifestyle’ interpretations of classic elements. Flashes of gold hark back to the original Porsche Speedster, while the white-with-silver paintwork looks back at Porsche’s motorsport history. The tanned-leather cabin in combination with the exterior colour palette is a classic combo.

More of the same, Porsche Heritage Design editions will bring the style of the past into Porsche’s contemporary models. Special colours, materials, liveries and more will subtly pay tribute to unique historical styles and fashions. Take, for instance, houndstooth material on the seats, wooden dashboard elements, ‘fuchs’-style wheels.

Porsche Heritage Design

“Old colour and equipment cards, museum vehicles, design elements from the corresponding era – we took all this as our inspiration to reinterpret the design language of the past”, explains Ivo van Hulten, director of interior design style at Porsche.

“Individual memories that are brought back to life by certain colour schemes, a feel or patterns – this is a trend we are also witnessing in fashion or interior design and it forms the fundamental idea of our approach.”

Contemporary cars, classic style

Porsche Heritage Design

Porsche doesn’t exactly need to re-embrace its past. It’s not afraid to incorporate style elements of old cars into new models. The new 911’s central analogue dial, bonnet creases (not seen since the 993) and broadened hips are all nods to classic 911 design tropes, for instance.

As for what’s to come? Perhaps think back to the 911 50 edition, but not as far as the old 997 Sport Classic.

It sounds like Porsche’s intention is to invoke retro style in a more subtle fashion. Needless to say, there’s a precedent for Porsche referencing its past. Porsche Heritage Design should only add to that.

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