This bike has a unique Highway Code history – and you could own it

The Triumph motorbike photographed in the Highway Code is up for auction. Here's how you could own a piece of British motoring history

Highway code bike for sale

The bike from the Highway Code book of the 1970s and 1980s is up for sale. And you could own a piece of British motoring history.

H&H Classics will be offering the 1973 Triumph TR6R Tiger 650 for sale at the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham on March 2 2019. That’s just over 40 years on from the bike’s first appearance in the Highway Code.

How much for this little-known slice of road regulatory history? Far from big bucks, the little Triumph is expected to fetch between £4,500 and £5,500 when it hits the block.

You could be forgiven for not recognising the bike. It was only ever pictured from the rear, to show signalling while riding. Then again, we expect the number plate rang a few bells over the years…

Highway code bike for sale

It was owned from new by the Ministry of Transport but wouldn’t feature in print until five years later. After its appearance in the 1978 Highway Code, it was sold to a traffic police officer. He then sold it to one Nick Searson in 1982, who has owned, used and maintained it ever since.

The bike is presented in excellent condition and comes complete with a copy of the Highway Code in which it starred, as well as an issue of Road Safety magazine featuring its former owner.

“This modest bike is part of our collective automotive history,” said Mark Bryan, Head of Motorcycle sales at H&H Classics.

“You could say it is an urban legend, a bike used to teach us how to stay safe and keep bike riders safe.”

Highway code bike for sale

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