Your new Mercedes-Benz will now read your horoscope

Mercedes MBUX horoscope update

The Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) operating system has been updated with four new entertainment options.

Using the voice command “Hey Mercedes,” you can now ask MBUX for the day’s horoscope report, along with a number of other queries.

MBUX: Looking into the stars for the driver

Mercedes MBUX horoscope update

MBUX-equipped Mercedes can now deliver your forecast from the stars. For example, if you’re an Aquarian, you’d say “Hey Mercedes, give me a horoscope for Aquarius”.

Only available in German or British English, the date of birth or the star sign of the driver will be requested for a forecast to be given.

It joins region-specific weather enquiries and even a quiz feature.

The former means that someone planning on skiing in Samnaun, for instance, can ask “what’s the snow like in Samnaun?”. This feature is available in virtually any language. The car would show details on the depth of snow and how many lifts are available, as well as how many are operating.

Mercedes MBUX horoscope update

MBUX can now act as a quizmaster too, with a geo quiz on capital cities of the world. This will help ease long journeys, and make Mercedes-specific journeys more enjoyable and memorable.

Take that, Tesla Arcade mode.

Another update in April will make MBUX more informal. This will be available for users in Germany, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Poland, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Mercedes says that MBUX has ‘loosened its tie’, with the ability to use the familiar form of “you”.

Mercedes MBUX horoscope update

The MBUX user interface debuted on the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, with significant updates coming to it upon the introduction of the A-Class.

It already features touchscreen controls and augmented reality navigation, with the latter overlaying directions onto a video image of your surroundings.

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