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This new Ford Transit can LOOK AROUND CORNERS to help save fuel

2019 Ford Transit with EcoGuide Smart GaugeFord is set to launch new technology designed to help those behind the wheel of a Transit van save fuel and money.

Driving smoothly to anticipate twists and turns ahead is useful for boosting fuel economy, but relies on knowing the road itself.

Michael McDonagh, Transit global chief programme engineer, Ford of Europe, says “everyone has experienced occasions when we have to brake suddenly if a bend is tighter than expected, only to speed up again afterwards.”

The new EcoGuide application takes away the need to remember every piece of tarmac, by making use of the satellite navigation system in the Transit.

Economy-minded co-driver

2019 Ford Transit with EcoGuide Smart GaugeEcoGuide analyses information from the built-in sat-nav system to plot the most economical way to drive the route ahead.

The aim is to avoid the need for unplanned heavy braking, which ruins the momentum of a vehicle. Given that a Transit could be carrying substantial cargo, building that motion up again wastes time and fuel.

Junctions, slopes, bends and even speed limits can be identified up by EcoGuide, which appears in the regular Transit instrument gauge.

Less fuel, less stress

2019 Ford Transit with EcoGuide Smart GaugePrompts tell the driver when to brake, and also what gear to be in to maximise efficiency. A ‘halo’ around the digital speedometer records if the driver is doing the most to save fuel, and a report can be generated at the end of a journey.

Ford introduced the EcoGuide technology a decade ago in hybrid versions of the US-market Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan. It is also a feature of the new Mondeo Hybrid estate, and an important element in Ford’s $11 billion investment in creating a range of electric vehicles.

The regular Transit van, Transit Custom, and Tourneo Custom will gain EcoGuide starting from the middle of 2019.



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