New bike rack camera is an ‘industry-first’

Bike rack camera

A Swedish company specialising in mobile living has launched what it claims is an industry-first bike rack camera.

If you’ve struggled to reverse a motorhome, campervan, estate car or van with a bike rack on the back, the Dometic CAM200 Bike Rack Camera could be the best product of 2020.

It’s a common problem for anyone travelling with a bike rack. With the bikes loaded, the rear-view camera is obscured. This restricts the view for the driver, making it harder to reverse when the bike rack is in use.

Two cameras

Dometic CAM200 Bike Rack Camera

Dometic’s patent-protected bike rack camera is the solution. It fits on the lower section of the bike rack to provide a clear rear view for the driver. Dometic says that by mounting it low, the “risk of misjudging the length of the rack can be excluded”.

As a bonus, the camera can be fitted without drilling on most bike racks – it simply slides into the outer rail by tightening the in-built screws.

The CAM2000 features two individually adjustable camera models, allowing the driver to find the best possible viewing angle. It switches between the two cameras to provide a clear view, even when bikes are loaded.

Of interest to UK buyers is the fact that the bike rack camera is waterproof. It’s also dust-proof. The system cable is detachable, so that the bike rack can be removed from the vehicle when not in use.

On sale in February for £320

Cycle rack camera

It goes on sale in February 2020, with prices starting from €379 (£320).

Dometic separated from Electrolux in 2001. The Swedish firm specialises in products designed for the mobile living sector, which includes RVs and boats. Its portfolio includes cameras, monitors, air conditioners, awnings, toilets, blinds, generators, vacuum cleaners and sanitation systems.

The company turned over 18.274m SEK (£14.725m) in 2018 and employs 8,000 people across the world.

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