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New Vauxhall Mokka is coming – and it’s going electric

New Vauxhall Mokka first tease

Vauxhall is putting the finishing touches to the all-new Mokka small SUV due for reveal later this year – and has confirmed a 100% zero-emissions electric version will be available from launch.

The new crossover SUV will begin customer deliveries from early 2021.

Vauxhall says regular petrol versions will still be available too, alongside the fully-electric model – likely called Mokka-e.

This is probably why the core new model is simply called Mokka, rather than today’s Mokka X model.

New Vauxhall Mokka teaser

The firm has given us our first look at the new car, albeit hidden under a colourful camouflage.

Company execs described the design as ‘detoxed’, with simpler lines and bolder proportions.

Overhangs front and rear have been shortened, for crisper, more modern proportions.

The interior, adds the firm, will also be fully digitised, with colour screens replacing traditional dials.

Change perceptions

“The new Vauxhall Mokka will change people’s perception of our brand,” said Stephen Norman, Vauxhall’s MD.

“Not only does it show that we’re serious about electrification, but also that we’re not afraid to innovate with design, both inside and out of the car.

He also stressed what a crucial car the new Mokka will be for Vauxhall.

“The Mokka is still in its development phase now, but it is set to be one of Vauxhall’s most important models when it arrives with customers at the start of next year.”

The new Mokka follows on from this year’s all-new Vauxhall Corsa and zero-emissions Corsa-e electric.

The new supermini has already won the prestigious AUTOBEST Best Buy 2020 award and bosses will now be hoping for more success with all-new Mokka.


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