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New Ford Fiesta ST PCP from £220 a month

2018 Ford Fiesta ST 2018Ford has revealed PCP finance deals for the highly acclaimed new Fiesta ST, and the headline launch offer is a three-year deal at 2.9 percent APR that prices an ST-2 three-door from £220 a month. 

This includes one of the two £745 ‘exclusive’ colours too, either Ford Performance Blue or Silver Fox (the sole ‘free’ colour is Race Red). Buyers need to find a relatively sensible £4,664 deposit (and £9,254 at the end if they don’t want to keep it). Annual mileage limit? A perfectly decent 9,000 miles a year.

For what almost certainly will emerge as one of the best new cars launched in 2018, it’s an offer that’s sure to prove very tempting. 

The Fiesta ST already caused a stir when prices were revealed: it costs from just £18,995. The best-value pick of the range is the £19,995 ST-2, and it’s this version that the Ford Options PCP deal is based around. There’s also an ST-3 for £21,495, and five-door versions of the new ST for an extra £650. 

2018 Ford Fiesta ST 2018

Ford’s finance package rubs salt into the wounds of pricier rivals. The new Suzuki Swift Sport, for example, seemed overpriced when it was revealed prices started from £17,999. Suzuki quickly rolled out a deal cutting that to £16,499, but although the related PCP deal was 0 percent finance, it was still £249 a month. 

That deal has since expired: the Swift now costs £199 a month… but on a four-year PCP at 5.9 percent APR, with a £4,396 deposit. 

That loud wail you can hear? It’s coming from the marketing department at Suzuki GB.

Oh, and if you don’t want to own a Fiesta ST outright, Ford will also lease you one for three years on Ford Personal Lease, for a £4,620 advance rental – and the same £220 a month payment. 

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