MG ZS EV is ‘first truly affordable family electric car’

The ZS EV is priced from £21,495, but only for the first 1,000 orders. MG is aiming to 'bring zero-emissions motoring within everyone's reach'.

MG ZS EV revealed

MG has revealed what it calls ‘the first truly affordable family-friendly electric car’: an electric version of the ZS crossover.

Deliveries of the ZS EV start in September 2019. It costs from just £21,495 after the government grant of £3,500, plus MG’s own £3,500 contribution. That last bit won’t last forever, though…

The need-to-know numbers

MG ZS EV revealed

So, what are the important numbers? WLTP-certified range is 163 miles, while ‘frequent rapid-charging capability’ means you should be able to fill the batteries in less than an hour.

With ‘frequent rapid-charging capability’ in mind, it’s also worth noting that the ZS EV gets MG’s seven-year warranty, battery and all.

Power is around 140hp from a front-mounted electric motor, with charge stored in a water-cooled 44.5kWh lithium-ion battery pack. The ZS EV has three driving modes, with three levels of regenerative braking.

£21,495… for the first 1,000 orders

MG ZS EV revealed

MG is matching the government’s £3,500 grant for the first 1,000 cars, meaning the standard ‘Excite’ ZS EV starts from £28,495, before £7,000 is lopped off by both government and manufacturer contributions – leaving a price tag of £21,495.

The base car is also available for £279 a month on PCP, for now. The Exclusive version is effectively reduced from £30,495 to £23,495. 

If you’re number 1,001 on the pre-order list, however, you’ll be paying £24,995, or £3,500 more than the first 1,000 owners.

Reserve a ZS EV for £500

For the first 1,000 £500 reservations, MG will also throw in a home charging point, with installation costs included.

You can join that first 1,000 now by visiting MG’s EV website.

MG ZS EV revealed

MG is adamant this is a series production car, too. No limitations on production or allocations are expected unlike the Volkswagen e-Golf, for instance.

‘ZS EV is here to revolutionise the way people think about electric cars. With the first truly affordable, family-friendly electric car, MG is bringing zero-emissions motoring within everyone’s reach,’ says the Chinese-owned company.

‘Make no mistake, this car isn’t a brand statement or a vanity project, we’re here to sell electric cars and to sell big!’

A crossover like any other

MG ZS EV revealed

Other than its EV powertrain, the ZS remains a conventional family crossover. Standard equipment levels are generous, with adaptive cruise control, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto coming as standard.

It also remains practical, with MG claiming it ‘can handle bikes, pushchairs, luggage and bulky loads with no trouble at all’.

You can have your ZS EV in a range of four colours, combined with new range-maximising 17-inch alloy wheels.

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