Mercedes-Benz Vision EQS Concept previews electric S-Class

Mercedes Vision EQS

Mercedes-Benz has revealed the Vision EQS Concept at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, offering hints of what a future S-Class EV might look like.

It could preview the marque’s next flagship, which may use the same ‘EQ’ nomenclature.

Mercedes says ‘the study provides an outlook on a new dimension in sustainable luxury’.

Vision EQS: packaging the future

Mercedes Vision EQS

The packaging advantages of electric powertrains mean stylists aren’t slaves to the styling tropes of fossil-fuelled cars. There’s no need for a long, tall bonnet, or a cramped cabin filled with transmission tunnel. Bigger wheels can fill the haunches, too, giving a saloon the stance of a supercar.

The EQS seems to combine the very best of current luxury saloons with these new freedoms. Its bonnet is shorter, while the cabin canopy stretches across more of the car’s length.

Mercedes calls this the ‘One Bow’ proportion. and it makes the EQS look very sleek and slippery. The two-tone paint, with a darker upper element, blends well with the glasshouse, too. 

Inside the Vision EQS 

Mercedes Vision EQS

The cabin of the Vision EQS is inspired by luxury yachts. Indeed, the dash appears to have borrowed its design from the deck of a Riva speedboat. The plush cream material is actually made from recycled ocean plastics, and is entirely sustainable.

If the dash is the deck of a speedboat, the upward-swooping floating infotainment screen is the diving board. It’s a very slick look, and brings us to the tech elements of the cabin. The Vision EQS features the latest development of the Advanced MBUX media system.

Mercedes Vision EQS

Gone is the horizontal slab with dual screens and inch-wide bezels of the S-Class. This central screen really is all screen, while driving data is integrated into the dashboard in front of the steering wheel.

Speaking of that wheel, it’s probably the part least likely to make its way onto the next S-Class. 

Mercedes Vision EQS – the numbers

Mercedes Vision EQS

Given it’s a concept, the figures supplied should be taken with a pinch of salt. Still, the Vision EQS is apparently capable of a WLTP-certified 435 miles on a full charge. And it can be recharged to 80 percent capacity in ‘considerably less than 20 minutes’, if charging at 350kW. 

Approximate power is 450hp, while torque is around 550lb ft. Zero to 62mph should take less than 4.5 seconds, while top speed is over 120mph.

Counting down to 2039

Mercedes Vision EQS

Mercedes wants to have a CO2-neutral new car fleet in 20 years. Even now, the ‘Mercedes Me’ charge facility will direct you to charge points that use sustainable energy.

Overall, the Vision EQS is intended to show that eco-conscious cars can still be entirely in keeping with the luxurious reputation of the three-pointed star.

For now, we’ll be glad if the next S-Class borrows some of that Vision EQS style.

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