Mercedes-AMG ONE

Mercedes-AMG One – new F1-derived hypercar gets a name

Mercedes-AMG ONEMercedes-AMG is one step closer to bringing its F1-derived hypercar to fruition. After being spotted testing not long ago, the new car now has a name: the Project One concept has become the Mercedes-AMG One.

It’s not exactly an ‘AM-RB-001 to Valkyrie’ kind of name transformation, but ‘One’ refers to the car’s strong links with Formula 1 racers.

The car is purported to be fitted with a derivative of Mercedes’ 1.6-litre turbocharged hybrid F1 engine. Even though the maximum revs will be pegged back, it’ll still need to be rebuilt every 30,000 miles…

Mercedes-AMG ONE

The One is currently going through testing to refine its sophisticated active aerodynamics. Note the extended active louvres over the front wheels on the car, pictured here with Merc F1 ace, Valtteri Bottas.

What’s more, prospective customers will be able to get an early taste of this long-awaited hypercar. A mobile showroom Mercedes calls ‘The Future of Driving Performance’ allows for cockpit tests and equipment demos. They’ll be able to go through colour specifications and material samples, too.

Now the One has its name, the countdown begins to cars being ready for delivery. Can we have a go, Mercedes? Pretty please?

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